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Meet the heart and soul behind Unchained K9, Jim & Geri Lynn Cummings, proud residents of North Sewickley Township. Their vibrant family includes three children and a cherished Akita named Hugo, who serves as the inspiration for the company’s logo. Jim is a structural designer and Geri Lynn, a passionate high school math teacher and varsity softball coach in Beaver County, share a love for their community and furry friends. Having experienced the transformative impact of a dog fence in their own lives for over a decade, Jim and Geri Lynn decided to embark on a new journey. They took a leap of faith, becoming small business owners by acquiring Unchained K9 from the retiring previous owners. Beyond being a successful business, Unchained K9 holds a special place in the Cummings family. It provides an opportunity for their children to learn the value of hard work, ethics, and compassion. The family often enjoys tagging along, meeting the four-legged clients, and connecting with the wonderful people in the surrounding communities. For Jim, Geri Lynn, and their family, Unchained K9 is not just about fences; it’s about fostering a sense of community, sharing the joy of pet ownership, and making a positive impact on the lives of both humans and their beloved furry companions.

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We service the Western PA tri-state area. If you see your location anywhere on this map, then contact Unchained K9, LLC for your dog fence services, repairs, and/or installation needs!