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Pet Friendly

Underground Dog Fence Services

New Installations  wire Repairs,  transmitter/collar Troubleshooting

New Installations

We specialize in expertly installing underground dog fences, ensuring a seamless blend with your landscaping while providing the ultimate freedom for your pet.

Wire Repairs

Our skilled technicians are here to promptly address any wire issues, restoring the integrity of your system and maintaining a secure space for your pup.

Transmitter/Collar Troubleshooting

We’ll ensure that your underground dog fence is operating at its optimal level, guaranteeing your dog’s safety and your peace of mind.

People Love Us

We love dogs as much as you do, and our mission is to provide them with the best possible environment for play and exploration.

Why Get A Dog Fence?

Reassurance The Dog Will Stay Contained In The Yard

Our dog ran away one time and it was the worse feeling ever. We have such a peace of mind knowing when we call for our dog, he’ll be there.”

Unlimited Exercise For The Canine

“My vet says the dog has maintained a healthy weight because she gets more exercise now.”

It Saves You Time--stop Putting Aside Wasted Minutes To Take The Dog Out To Do Its Business

“I can wake up 10 minutes later because I don’t have to go outside with the dog before work in the morning.”

It's Convenient For The Owner, Especially In Poor Weather

“I’m so glad in the winter time my elderly mom doesn’t have to go outside with her    dog anymore. I was scared to death she would fall when there was inclement  weather.”

Thousands Of Dollars Less Expensive Than A Physical Fence Structure

“A tangible fence was going to cost us $6,000 more.”

About Us

Residents of North Sewickley Township, Jim & Geri Lynn Cummings have three children and a beloved Akita, Hugo (who is the inspiration for our logo). Jim is a supervisor for McCarl’s Piping in Beaver Falls and Geri Lynn is a high school math teacher and varsity softball coach in Beaver County.

We’ve had our dogfence for over 10 years. It has made such a difference in our lives. This is why we took a leap of faith becoming small business owners and purchasing the business from the previous owners who were retiring.

Our kids love tagging along and meeting our furry customers. This business permits us to spend time with our kids, teach them work ethic, as well as, meet wonderful people in our surrounding communities.

So, What’s It Cost?

Each quote is customized, but to give you a general idea, our full installation quotes are $2.00-$3.00 per lineal foot. In case you’re wondering, a physical barrier fence (a.k.a chain link, aluminum, wooden fence) can be anywhere from $15-$35/lineal foot.


At Unchained K9, we believe that every dog deserves the freedom to explore and play safely in their yard.

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We service the Western PA tri-state area. If you see your location anywhere on this map, then contact Unchained K9, LLC for your dog fence services, repairs, and/or installation needs!